Having retired from a research job in 2003, I was delighted at last to have time to pursue my interest in painting. I began with work in watercolour  but soon tried out acrylics and oils and now often work  in mixed media. I enjoy landscapes, seascapes, people  and still life but increasingly find trees claiming a place in the compositions and indeed some works are now composed entirely of trees.


I have been lucky to have found many good teachers in the East Neuk of Fife, where I now live, and have been able to supplement their tuition with short courses at the Scottish National Gallery in Edinburgh and at Glasgow School of Art.

Recently I have enjoyed experimenting with  abstract composition. I like working abstracts in monochrome but have used colour more freely in some works  inspired by nature and ancient stones, striving to achieve interesting textures and occasionally using collage to assist, as I have already done in earlier works.


The exceptional and ever-changing light in the East Neuk and other coastal areas such as Galloway and Shetland is a strong source of inspiration, as is the presence of the many talented artists living and working nearby.

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